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In September will take place the opening of the biggest pit ballast in Romania. A very ambitious project sustained by important investments.

NEF SERVICE reached this performance step by step, the first pit ballast being acquired 4 years ago. The following pit ballast will be also endowed with the biggest sorting station in Romania, equipped with two shaking screens of 16 m² for sorting the crushed rocks and a crusher of 90 m³/h.

"We are making the complete proceedings of setting of the sorting station, its components being expected to arrive as well. Even the station will be a premiere for Romania since it has an efficiency of 500m³/h, being the biggest station in south of Europe. The most important thing is the entire capacity of the station which covers the orders. Both the station and the crusher with a capacity of 90m³/h are new."

Neacsu Florin is the unique partner of NEF SERVICE. It has been permanently working at the structure of the new pit ballast, whose official launching will take place on the 10 – th of September, and the concreting workings of the sustaining platform of the sorting station being at end.

Nef Service SRL - 10 Million Euro investment for a High-Performance Borrow-Pit. The largest borrow pit in south-east Europe

All the facilities are prepaired, and the access way to the pit ballast is also ready, a very important thing if we take into consideration the big number of trucks which are necessary for making the daily transport of the entire production of the pit ballast.

The components of the station have started to arrive and the first one are already set, respectively two shaking screens of 12 m² destined for sorting of the materials obtained after the crushing.

Nef Service SRL - 10 Million Euro investment for a High-Performance Borrow-Pit. The largest borrow pit in south-east Europe

The activity of the pit ballast will be supported by a crusher with a capacity of 90 cm. All the sorting equipments are to be under tests at the end of September.

Taking into consideration its capacity, the station will have a fleet of 12 trucks with tubs destined for the inner transport of aggregates necessary for the alimentation of the station, all of them being 8 x 4. Within the technologic flow of the pit ballast will also work 4 frontal loaders and two excavators of high tonnage, all the machines belonging to NEF Service SRL.

NEF NEF Service SRL - Transport of aggregates

Our company performs quality works sustained by an efficient float.

NEF Service SRL’ s activity of excavating and removal of the soil, sustained by an important float of 40 of trucks with tubs 8 x 4 offers an image upon the importance given to this activity within the company. NEF Service SRL, at present also offers supporting services of the moulding walls. Since the areas in the zone of high urban agglomerations are expensive, and still existing dismantled buildings, NEF Service SRL offers demolishing and moulding of the industrial and civil buildings.

The preparation of the industrial platforms supposes activities of uncovering, consolidation, gravelling and leveling.

Nef Service SRL - Excavations
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